What Factors Should Be Considered for Effective Waste Disposal in Restaurants

The restaurant business has a tremendous amount of solid waste generation rate. The said solid waste includes everything from paper to plastics, wood to food, metals to glasses and even hazardous waste. Wise restaurateurs always seek more comprehensive and effective ways of waste management. However, the job is easier said than done. The lack of proper methods waste disposal in restaurants has always been a source of headache for eatery-owners. What makes the situation even worse is the fact that whatever services of
food waste management are available are too costly for medium and small restaurants to afford. Throwing away the trash just wherever possible is not an option either. In order to change this situation into a favorable one, one needs to start at the very base.

Keep a track of what is headed for the trash:

Know what is being thrown away from your restaurant and why. Ask yourself certain questions like:

Are the wastes recyclable or compostable?

Is there the need for a compactor?

What processes are in place for proper waste management? Are they working fine?

What exactly is going wrong for waste disposal in restaurant?

Is your staff trained enough to handle keep a track of the materials that end up in the bin?

Have you arranged for recycling bins?

Reduce, reuse and recycle:

For effective waste disposal in restaurants and waste management, nothing works better than managing the source of the waste. How can you do that?

Use reusable items in the kitchen rather than disposable ones. Reusable items can be washed, wiped and dried time after time, unlike the disposable ones and therefore prove to be much
economical in the long run.

Use washable tablecloths and napkins instead of the disposable paper ones.

Order the correct amount to your suppliers and don’t buy everything in excess. Use everything before they go bad.

Invest in a few large containers rather than buying a lot of small ones. It will reduce container waste as well as save you money.

If you see that a lot of food is being wasted by your customers again and again; consider serving lesser quantity of food. You can also adjust the cost accordingly. The lesser the cost is, the more competitive your business will be and you will also be able to cut down on the food wastes.

Contrary to popular belief waste disposal in restaurants is not a very difficult aspect to manage. All it needs is the will to help the environment accompanied by thorough scrutiny and effective management.


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