Top 5 Reasons Why Today’s Businesses Care About Proper Waste Disposal More Than Ever

Today’s business world is much more concerned about matters like waste disposal than it was even a few decades ago. Companies worldwide are adding careful and proper waste disposal to their list of agendas. However, this change of attitude towards the disposal of waste products (hazardous waste in particular), has been spotted more prominently in the EU. According to the new guidelines, companies are required to follow the standardised rules of labelling and safe destruction of hazardous waste matters. Wondering why companies are taking initiatives towards safer waste disposal? Here are top 5 few reasons:


Green taxes:

Around 6.2 million tonnes of hazardous waste is produced by some of the leading firms in the UK every year. Many of these businesses and companies have managed to avoid making payments for the taxes and penalties that they are liable for. However, they are expected to receive the blow soon enough. The environmental pressure groups are bringing the adverse effects of hazardous waste to attention. They also target the debilitating impact that hazardous waste has on the local ecosystem. In some cases, the situation can become disastrous. Take the asbestos controversy of Spodden Valley for instance. Apart from affecting wildlife, such an issue can also damage a company’s reputation and public relations.


The terminology “sustainability” has become quite popular in the media today. In fact, the need for both education and awareness of sustainability has also been addressed. This is, of course, good news for all the waste management firms. However, they will have to come up with more eco-friendly techniques of disposing waste. General waste now needs to be reused and recycled. In cases where the waste is biodegradable, it needs to be sent for landfill.

Green washout:

“Green washing” was once viewed as a marketing tactic or an eco friendly marketing campaign that was mainly carried out to gain the trust of the consumers. However, today businesses have to work harder to gain the trust of the customers. They have to show genuine care, and have to take initiatives that are long term and tangible. They need to make plans for proper waste disposal, and also try to consciously reduce the amount of waste they produce. Companies may even need to invest in recycling waste in order to gain public confidence.

Courtauld Commitment:

Courtauld Commitment is a voluntary agreement that was made in 2005 between supermarkets and grocers for reducing the waste products they produce. However, upon doing some research, it was found that even though the companies had reduced the production of waste, they had not done much to prevent waste production. UK companies have to follow EU regulations regarding waste management.


Since public and the media are becoming more and more aware of waste management related issues, business need to be careful about their image. Companies today need to prove their eco friendly agenda. Even when voters vote to help a party win, they expect green friendly manifesto.

Policies and promises that have been highlighted on the campaign trail will soon turn into laws and bills. When it does happen, companies and businesses will need to make the changes quick. That is why companies that are already making a habit towards safer waste disposal will be most prepared for making that transition.