Simple Guide To Restaurant Waste Disposal

Restaurants are one of those units that produce a whole lot of waste all through the year. Considering the nature of their functioning, most of their waste is organic and cooked and thus, prone to festering. Creation of organic wastes has its share of issues and most of it is with respect to inviting moderate to severe health hazards which places the involved staff and the ones eating in the place in the face of high risk. Rats and fellow rodents, ants and cockroaches are some of the guests to the waste so produced and then dumped mindlessly around the restaurant perimeters.

This is counted among the issues that can result in cancellation of the license of the concerned unit to operate in the first place. It does not however, take much to ensure maintenance of a healthy and disinfected eating environment. A little care, a little caution and a few simple yet highly practical steps are more than enough to bring and keep matters under control. Basically, following simple guide to restaurant waste disposal should be beneficial in catering to the cause of health and the cause of environment at the same time. Here are a few basic guidelines that almost every unit in the trade is bound to follow…

• To begin with, the restaurants should ensure usage of proper bins or appropriate sizes to contain the waste produced. None of these wastes should be left open or uncovered. Dumping in areas surrounding the restaurant is practically banned and punishable in many nations considering the amount of damage this practice does to the environment.

resturant waste disposal

• Secondly, the concerned units must ensure engaging in smart disposal of waste with recyclable products differentiated from the organic edible wastes that can be composted. Today, almost all eating joints offer use and throw paper cups and paper plates which should be collected after use and handed over to waste collection services so that they can be recycled. Dumping them to ultimate festering or putting them into incinerators is not acceptable in these trying times when vital resources on Earth are at stake.

• Thirdly, every restaurant must ensure signing up for the disposal services in their area and ensure timely removal of the collected refuse so that none are festered beyond reuse or recycling. At the same time, it is imperative to ensure renewal of the contract at the right time to ensure unhindered collection of wastes.


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