What We Do:

SMT Waste Brokers is an industry leader when it comes to waste collection, disposal and recycling. Whether it is domestic waste disposal or industrial waste management, our services are designed to provide you with the best solutions that not only save you some precious dollars, time and effort but also enable you to help the environment immensely. Our comprehensive range of waste management solutions is used with the aim of giving a new life to most of those materials that have already served their purposes and have, thus, been discarded. By converting wastes into raw materials, energy and new products, we are keeping the wastes from clogging up the landfills.

Helping to keep the environment greener is what we take the most pride in.

Business Waste Solutions:

At SMT Waste Brokers, we partner with our clients to figure out the most cost effective solution for collecting and recycling business wastes in an organized manner. You ma choose to have your business wastes collected daily, weekly or whenever you see fit. Our solutions are tailor made to fit your requirements and thus fit your budget too. Therefore you get absolute peace of mind and save a lot of energy, effort, time and money which can all be invested in other aspects of your business. Business wastes generally encompasses:


With our E­Waste service, we work with you to correctly dispose of your business waste and e-waste and destroy your confidential information (hard drives, etc.) through confidential shredding service. Hard drives can be shredded to 2mm pieces through a two­process shredding procedure which ensures that your confidential information does not get leaked. In our E­waste services, we always try to recycle and reuse as possible. Did you know that 98% of your bulky desktop can be reused and/or recycled? There are many such items that can be recycled for reusing successfully.


Recycling, though a very familiar concept, is sadly not followed much by many people. At SMT Waste Brokers, we not only collect wastes and recycle what can be recycled, but we also encourage people to know about the various recycling processes and now they can be greatly helpful to the environment. We help you to identify the recyclable objects in your business waste and recycle them in the most cost effective way possible.

Medical Waste

Our medical waste management services are designed to make sustainability both possible and profitable for healthcare professionals. It goes without saying that when dealing with medical wastes, the methodologies need to be safe and responsible. Besides ensuring these, we also work to customize the waste management solutions, so that they are rendered budget friendly and convenient for our customers, all the while abiding to the safety regulations. Our solutions help you to improve safeguard your patients, the facility, and reputation of your organization.

Retail and Restaurants

Retail industry has one of the highest waste creation rates. SMT Waste Brokers, with its access to industry expertise and service infrastructure helps retail organizations to boost enhance their brand identities and increase profitability. We work to minimize the regulatory risk and implement solutions that make environmental practices an integral part of daily operations. Our comprehensive services are customizable too which can help to enhance your substantial business value.

Food Waste

Most noted and forward­thinking restaurants and chains trust SMT Waste Brokers when it comes to achieving the highest quality hygiene and sustainability without expanding the budget greatly. Years of experience in managing restaurant waste has enabled us to develop fully integrated recycling and disposal services. Besides helping you to control costs and adhere to recycling, we enable you to increase diversion, and enhance your eco­friendly image.

Industry Waste Solutions:

Commercial Property

In case you are a strata manager or commercial property owner, you are already aware of the fact that the commercial waste management services are constantly becoming expensive with each passing year.

When you work with SMT Waste Brokers, maintaining a budget for comprehensive waste management does not remain a problem. will do the work for you. We do a thorough analysis of your waste situation and implement innovative commercial waste management solutions which help to maximize your recycling, therefore, lowering your waste creation rate. With our services, you save time, energy and money.


Whether you are in charge of individual facilities or you are managing enterprise­wide networks, you can trust SMT Waste Brokers to save you money and time, delivering real results to increase your bottom­line. It is a fact that manufacturing must implement every possible cost­saving solution. Thus, when you put us in charge of your waste audit, we help you to save you money and time. We bring to you an unparalleled range of solutions that meet your business and regulatory needs.

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