Segregate plastic waste by numbers for helping effective plastic recycling

Did you know that all the plastic that you use at home in form of containers, wrappers,packaging material, bottles, certain medical devices, toys and a host of other things, can be really problematic when you just throw away any of these products with your regular trash? Well, if you weren’t aware of it, then you are now. But, the question is, what and how are plastic items supposed to be thrown or disposed off, once the utility purpose of it is over?

Recycle Plastic

Now, first and foremost, you must be a very conscientious as a consumer. To begin with, you must be very careful to clean up every item of plastic that you are done utilizing, and then take the items to your local curbside recycling program. Every area or locality has a recycling program which has technically upgraded equipment called plastic washing machines.

These are specialized and highly effective electronic machines, are utilized to wash all sorts of plastic waste products. After the cleansing is done thoroughly, only then are these are sent off to an established commercial plastic recycling program center, where the raw material is utilized to make other products of utility.

Plastic recycling is carried out by segregating each type of plastic waste depending on the number mentioned under the bottom or side of the plastic items. There are generally numbers 1 to 7, which are printed on plastic items to enable recyclers to differentiate the quality of plastic.

Thus, if the number mentioned on any plastic item is 1, this signifies the best quality plastic and thus, when recycled, this category of plastic item can be easily transformed into the best quality raw material, hence even the products made out of such recycled material is of best quality. The quality deteriorates as the numbers increase from 2 to 7.

So, whenever you have any plastic waste at home that you need to get rid of, simply sit and segregate the plastic waste based on numbers. All the items with numbers 1 and 2 will be easily accepted at any plastic recycling center, due to the fact that these are very easy to recycle.

All the other categories of waste plastic, that come anywhere between numbers 4 and 7 is actually quite difficult to recycle, and may not be accepted by your local recyclers. However, you can inquire at the local recycling center, regarding the place you need to contact to dispose of plastic waste with bigger numbers printed.


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