Restaurant Waste Disposal – How To Manage It Effectively

A look at a bit of trivia will let you know that there is more to restaurant food waste than you originally thought. Did you know that almost 30 to 50 per cent of the food that the world produces in a year is wasted as more than 1 billion metric tons of vegetables, grains and meat are thrown into the trash? And to think that there are still many countries round the globe where starvation is still a reality! It is quite natural to be curious about the reason after knowing this fact – the reason why so much food is wasted every year. Well, there are poor storage factors, picky eaters, buying more than what is required, strict sell-by or use-by dates, bulk offers, general negligence – take your pick. While there is no denying that excessive waste is a complex issue, it is an even bigger trouble to handle for those who are in the charge of restaurant waste disposal.

How important is it?

Irrespective of whether you are running a fast food joint, a fine dining establishment or a family restaurant, one thing that must make it to the top of your priority list is that you have to arrange for sustainable waste disposal systems and increase profit margins without affecting the customer’s experience in any way. Therefore, restaurant waste disposal, a job that is easier said than done; is actually indispensable for the survival of all restaurants.


Rethink, Reuse, Reduce:

As said earlier, some of the major causes of massive waste production, especially in the cases of eateries are unplanned and excessive buying and negligence. The best way to reduce waste production is not to buy what you do not need in the first place. Excessive purchase not only creates storage problems; but inadequate or improper storage also make food materials go bad. Why not keep washable table covers and napkins instead of disposable ones? Another good way to reduce food waste will be to dole out food in small quantities when you serve. That way, your guests will be less prone to over-eating or wasting food. Make some changes to the menu according to the likes and dislikes of the customers. The importance of availing the services of an experienced waste management company can never be undermined, especially or a restaurant. From reducing to removal and from collecting to recycling, a waste management company can help a restaurant at every step of the way.


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