Put the Power of Citrus to Use When Cleaning Around Your Home

Whether it is a little coffee stain on your work shirt, smudges on dishes or pain marks on the floor, blemishes and blotches are hard to get rid of. No matter how hard one tries to rub them off, no number of washes seems to be enough to get rid of these stubborn marks. Cleaning is more of a troublesome job than we care to admit. It is not only physically exhausting, but is also quite time consuming. With modern lifestyle gaining a breakneck speed with each passing day, finding time to give one’s home a thorough once over is an accomplishment in itself. On top of that, the difficulty to completely get rid of stubborn marks just adds fuel to the fire.


Fortunately, home owners and professional cleaners unanimously agree on one point – cleaning becomes much easier when citrus solutions are brought into the equation. Lemons and oranges have long been used for cleaning. They are even more effective when combined with basic household products such as vinegar and baking soda. Citrus contains d-limonene which is a natural solvent. It penetrates grease and dirt making them easier to get rid of. Here are a few tried and tested tips to help you whip up some citrus for quick cleaning purposes.

Cut lemon or orange in and place them in a jar with some vinegar poured on them. Leave it be for two to three weeks. If you are not a big fan of the citrus flavor, add cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, or almond extract in case of orange peels, thyme sprigs for lime peels, rosemary and vanilla for lemon peels and mint leaves for grapefruit peels .Afterwards, take the peels out and add some vinegar diluted with water. Pour the entire solution in a spray bottle and use it to clean ceramic, stone, porcelain, marble, granite, and laminate surfaces. It might cause discoloration of wooden surfaces; so test it on an unremarkable spot before using it elsewhere.

Using citrus is always a good idea when doing laundry. While underarms stains can be tackled with a solution of lemon juice and water; ink stains can be washed off easily if straight lemon juice is applied on them and washed with cold water. Lemon juice mixed with salt paste works wonders for treating mildew and rust stains.

Lemon juice can be used to clean dishes as well as to give them a fresh, clean smell. Brass, aluminum and copper dishes can be polished with lemon juice. A mixture of lemon juice and water can be sprayed around the house as it works like a room freshener. Keeping half a lemon in the freezer can keep the space free of odor.