Customised Waste Management Solutions

Everything we do is focused on cost-effective challenging waste management solutions.

We believe that many businesses overlook their waste costs as it becomes too hard to deal with waste management companies.


SMT Waste Brokers specialise in waste management brokering; therefore our goal is to save you money and time.

Being an independent waste management broker lets us do things our way. We don’t own trucks, landfills, or have an affiliation with any waste haulers or companies that offer recycling and disposal services. As a result, we’re able to concentrate on your bottom-line – no mark ups, environmental surcharges, or other fees.

Because our core focus is to help you save money and time, we look at your waste from a holistic view – from recycling methods to pick up days.

You can rely on us. Our management team has a diverse background in project management, environmental knowledge, and business acumen, allowing us to leverage relationships and networks to provide strategic, market, financial, and sustainability advantages. We take over for your overwhelmed staff – letting them focus on your core business. You can expect from us a smooth transition and knowledgeable, supportive service.

We deliver results that are quantifiable, transparent, optimized, and honest.