Impediments In The Path Of Waste Management

It is quite surprising that many people in the world would still be surprised to know that ‘waste’ is not exactly rubbish that has no place on earth, but useful materials just waiting to be extracted and re used. From used news papers or tissue rolls or used plastic jars and containers, there is nothing that cannot be given a new life and a new purpose. Basically, managing waste is one of the most potent ways of preventing loss of valuable natural resources especially those that are not renewable.

Many expert researchers of the present century have been apprehending a time in the very near future when essential resources will deplete to the extent of non existence. Thus, this is the right time for each and every individual / corporate / business entity to take up the matter of waste management with utmost urgency. However, there are certain impediments that have shown up in this path which may take the endeavors in this direction a few steps backwards. Each of these obstacles are interconnected in many ways than one.

waste management

Some of them can be mentioned as follows…

Ever rising population – It has been predicted that the world population would reach somewhere over or around 9 billion. More the number of people more will be the consumption and more will be the amount of waste created. If waste does not remain at a manageable level, even the best of waste management plants will fail to put the refuse to good rather, productive use.

Lack of enlightenment – There are millions of people in this world at this very moment who are still into practicing the process of ‘dumping’ as the sole method of putting domestic / corporate refuse in place. If you go on to take head counts thousands of tons of useful substances which could be used for productive purposes get irreversibly damaged and thus, lost forever. This takes a toll on the resources of the Earth that could use a little help now.

Lack of infrastructure – At present, population density is astonishingly high in the nations that are still way behind in the path of development. Thus, the waste that the population creates is not just enormous; it is also partially damaged due to severe lack of enlightenment which suffers even further by the lack of proper infrastructure to handle the load.

Technology to handle certain wastes is yet to be developed – Inventions and introductions are happening at faster pace than the development of knowledge about how to deal with these inventions once they complete their lifespan. Say for example, geniuses and experts are yet to discover proper ways of disposing technological wastes; process them and employ them for better use.


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