How To Start Waste Management In Your House In 6 Simple Steps

Very often we don’t realize how much of essential resources of the earth and other highly useful materials we dispose as waste. From dumping in some odd location to burning them in the incinerator, acts of ignorance as such has resulted in massive losses in some of the most valuable resources of the Earth which could otherwise have been used more productively.

In very simple terms, the Earth does not have much to spare at the altar of ignorance. So, it is imperative for each and every member of the civilized society to do their part in the process of reducing, reusing and recycling. For those who are still wondering how to start, here is how you can commence your endeavor for waste management in a few quick and easy steps…

Read up – Firstly, it is always better to begin with a flash of enlightenment. This will only improve your efforts and direct it towards the right path. For this, you will have to read up on the matter of managing waste, which is never too difficult to do. There are plenty of free online sources that can offer adequate information.

Invest in 3 separate trash bins – Invest in 3 separate trash bins in your house each allocated to organic kitchen waste, paper waste and plastic wastes respectively. You can also get another bin for universal waste like glass, metals batteries etc. Each of the mentioned are recycled in different ways and thus makes it easy for the haulers to carry them to their right destinations.

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Do not burn paper waste – You will only do a favor to the rainforests by not burning your paper waste. Accumulate every bit of paper material in the house, be it used paper cups and plates, news papers and magazines, cardboard boxes and paper bags or anything for that matter separately and hand it over to the haulers.

Compost organic kitchen waste to fertilize your kitchen garden – Try not to dump your kitchen waste. Vegetable peels and food that is not overcooked with spices and oils can be composted and used as fertilizers for your flowers and vegetable garden. All you will need is the right set of worms, some space and the determination to tolerate odor. In all honesty, this is not too difficult to do.

Support all things reusable – Instead of taking paper or plastic bags from department stores, invest in a good jute bag and use it for years together to carry your grocery. Instead of using paper towels in your kitchen, use washable wiping materials. Keep paper cups and plates only for special occasions while using the conventional crockery for everyday meals.


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