How Responsible Can You Be With Electronic Waste Disposal

Have you ever wondered what happens to your devices and appliances once they have outlived their lifespan? More often than not, they land up in the electronic graveyard where they remain till some odd scavenging group arrives to salvage all that can be salvaged. The rest is left for time to take care of. The fact is such electronic wastes contain extremely hazardous substances that can pollute the environment beyond repair. When left unattended or in the care of irresponsible dealers of electronic waste, matters can get way out of hand. Considering the fact that the level of such wastes is rising by thousands of tons every year, it is imperative to initiate measures that facilitate proper disposal of the same.

Did you know that even a few years ago, about 80% of electronic devices and equipments that had passed their expiry date were dumped in landfills? Did you know that in the 50 million metric tons of E waste that is produced each year, just about the same percentage is exposed to thorough mishandling? Did you also know that the cathode ray tubes of computer monitors, LCD TVs, Plasma televisions DVD players etc contain some of the worst known toxins that cause startling levels of pollution?

Electronic waste disposal SydneyIf this were not enough, you will also feel a nail making its way into your heart when you learn that for the millions of cell phones that are discarded every year, thousands of KGs of copper and a considerable amount of gold and silver is recovered. So, imagine the phones that are flushed down the toilet or are thrown into the sea for no good at all… imagine, how much gold and silver could be recovered had they been subjected to responsible disposal.

If you really come to think of things, it does not take all that much to be responsible with e waste disposal. All that you can do at an individual level is hand your share of electronic wastes be it computers, laptops, old TVs, refrigerators or even phones to recognized, reliable and responsible providers of waste management like the agencies offering electronic waste disposal in Sydney. This done, you can be rest assured that the rest will be taken care of. Being enlightened and spreading enlightenment is just as important. You can complete your share of responsibilities towards E wastes by letting the others around you follow the same codes of responsibility.


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