How Far Are You Contributing Towards Waste Management

Since the very beginning of civilization, humans have been drawing every ounce of excesses from the Earth and the Earth has not denied catering to every need or want so requested of it. However, these are the days when our planet is screaming for our help to preserve whatever little is left of the valuable resources on depletion of which, it may not be able to help humankind any more.

A greater part of the blame for such damages can be placed on the shoulders of the industries and manufacturing plants around the globe for overuse of resources and mindless dumping of the same. Nevertheless, a part of the responsibility should also be shared by the individual household units for not playing their part in making things easy to make the necessary difference.

Tiny drops of water makes up an entire ocean. Likewise, individual household units, no matter how small can make massive difference as far as conservation of resources and prevention of environmental damages is concerned. Enlightenment is the key to kick start the process of reversing the wheels of destruction and witnessing the commencement of a better and secure future.

industrial waste management

There are a few simple ways in which the process of waste management can be started by individual households. These little changes do not call for any special prior tutoring or expenses. Basic application of common sense and a little motivation should be more than enough. Here are some of the simplest ways to take your first few steps in this direction…

• To begin with, try reducing your waste to as little as possible. Cook only as much as you need to eat. This will prevent you from dumping leftovers.

• Do not use paper towels for your kitchen. Try the washable reusable ones instead. This will prevent wastage of paper and you may prevent felling of one tree in the rainforests by the end of the month.

• Do not dump any paper product, be it cardboard boxes, paper bags from grocery stores, used notebooks or anything else for that matter. Collect these items and hand them over to the waste management services at the month end.

• Do not burn trash. Your trash is more valuable than you think. This is mainly because it may contain recyclable materials that can be put to use all over again.

• Ensure using different bins for different types of waste. This makes it easy for the waste haulers to take the right waste to the right recycling plant while minimizing wastage at the same time.


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