A Hole discovered in the Troposphere Becomes the New Cause for Concern!

As if the Ozone hole wasn’t a cause enough for concern, that this new shocking discovery of a hole in the Troposphere has become a major reason again to break our heads over. This hole in the earth’s first atmospheric layer is letting dangerous Ozone (O3) killing chemicals sneak out which is proving to be fatal day by day.


The Troposphere acts as the sweat absorber that catches the sweat of the pollutants and then wrings them out in rainstorm before they can do much harm. But the recent discovered of a hole over the Western Pacific when weather balloons went poking around is rousing different thoughts regarding our earths safety.

The hole has been estimated to be nine miles up and several thousand square kilometers long. As this is been just a recent discovery researcher are as yet unsure what has caused this hole. There have been only guesses till date. Many say that by letting certain chemicals escape into the upper levels of the atmosphere, the OH [hydroxyl] gap could contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer over the Polar Regions and influence worldwide climate.

Many states that Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) which may have slithered out of the hole must be the cause behind such a problem, as developing nations in Southeast Asia increasingly industrialize. Since the solution to this is yet to be found till then we can just hope to find a magical sewing kit or a better planetary antiperspirant or both to curb the whole thing.