How to get Old Mobile Phones and Ink Cartridges Recycled

If you have no time to dispose off old products like mobile phones and empty ink cartridges of printers, don’t worry. There are always options like seeking help from waste brokers. These days, there are smart waste disposal service providers that help with recycling of these old gadgets and devices, without causing damage to the environment. If you have any old mobile phone or have many empty ink cartridges at home or at your workplace, then simply contact any of these smart recycling companies. Many companies also offer some money for any old e wastes that are recyclable.

ink-cartidge-recyclingSince there are quite a lot of e waste products that come out from households and work places alike, it is always advisable to involve each and every one at home and within your company to collect all old mobile phones and even empty ink cartridges, so that all can be accumulated after a certain period of time and then given off for recycling to the professional waste brokers.

The best part is that these smart waste brokers accept all old models of mobile phones, all brands of printer cartridges whether these are toner cartridges, toner bottles or Inkjet cartridges for recycling. If you have any type of old cartridge be it for your fax machines , computer printers or even photocopiers, all you need to do is login to any of the e portals of smart waste brokers and fill in the requisite details.

You will soon get a feedback and the true worth of your old mobile phone and your empty ink cartridge will be provided. Most brokers provide free courier services to carry your old e waste to their office too, but conditions apply. So, always ensure to inquire before commitment. This way you can get information on whether your e waste products qualify you to get any sort of free service or not.