Garbage Bin Storage

Wheelie Bins (plastic):

Sizes Available:

Wheelie bins are hygienic and convenient light weight bins made of plastic.
Wheelie bins are easily maneuvered due to size and attached wheels.

These are:

  • perfect for collection service of general waste and recycling systems of business waste, residential waste and commercial waste.
  • suitable for lightweight, high to low volume commercial and industrial waste.
  • mostly used by businesses that have space or access restrictions, scattered waste generation points, or those with perishable wastes.

Steel Bins:

Sizes Available:

General waste bins:

Recycle Bins:

Steel bins are fashioned from standard mild steel and are ideal to be used by medium to high volume waste producers. These bins can hold all volumes of mixed solid waste and/or paper and cardboard waste. Flexible collection frequencies to suit your operations.

These Bins Have:

  • general waste and recycling systems available
  • on stage storage feature
  • easily maneuverable option
  • sturdy light weight plastic lids for ease in lifting
  • fully welded and gusset reinforced lifting pockets
  • various castor styles including, cast iron, urethane and rubber
  • easy braking feature


Hook Bins

Sizes Available:

Containers range from 6m to 40m in a roll on/roll off system

Hook bins or bulk bins are ideal for collecting large volumes of commercial and industrial wastes and are commonly used by construction and manufacturing industries, shopping centers and hospitals. These bins can store both recyclable and non-recyclable waste, especially bulky non-compactable wastes and can be used by businesses with enough space to store the bin onsite. Automatic tarping system are fitted to the vehicles and, where there is need also individual bins. We also offer specialized items like liquid waste containers, sealed quarantine bins and containers for regulated waste.

These Bins:

  • Are stored onsite
  • Have sizes ranging from small to large trucks
  • Allow safe and easy depositing of waste through walk in doors and large open tops
  • Have tippler feeder bin options to reduce manual handling
  • Reduce traffic movement onsite

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