Is There Any Future To Waste Management / Control On An Overpopulated Earth?

Our planet is brimming with people. From a global population that stood somewhere around 1 billion in the 1800 to a shocking multiplication of the figures to over 7 billion today, we are only left to wonder if the Earth will be pushed off its orbit by another few decades. It is only taken for granted that more the number of people, more waste will be produced. And this is not just human waste and kitchen waste we are talking about. The matter has rolled far beyond the basics as nature had intended it to be.


Industrial waste, manufacturing waste, E waste and many more crowds the planet today like it was their home. A chunk of the population believe that it is their right to use the planet as their personal dumpster because a square meter of area with festering poisonous substances does not seem to make much of a difference. Life threatening chemicals are flowing loose in the rivers killing marine life, solid wastes are being dumped arrogantly on chosen land areas and gaseous wastes are well being released within the non-permissible height of troposphere. And all this is done in the name of ‘progress’.

So, in this dance of destruction, what really needs to be figured out is who is gaining what at that too what cost? With the wheels of so-called progress spinning at incalculable speed, the nature of waste produced has become even more difficult to handle. Consider these appalling facts for a better picture of the future of waste management

  • For many varieties of thoroughly toxic refuse that is produced every time a step is taken towards technological and biological advancement, there is no charted method of safe disposing yet.
  • Certain countries that house the greatest sections of world population also happen to be economically backward and thus, do not possess the right infrastructure to manage their waste.
  • Most industries are bound by the livelihood they owe to employees and manufactured products to the customers. So, they have to bend rules to continue with millions of tons of toxic waste disposal, something that the waste management system may not be designed to handle.
  • Tons of valuable resources are lost every time waste is mismanaged because of blatant carelessness, ignorance and arrogance.

The most important step that has to be taken to ensure that the Earth does not die before its due time is to control population with immediate effect. With this, the pattern of consumption also has to be changed to suit the environment besides catering to the utility of the population. While these alterations may take time to show effects, with urgent implementation, the world may stand a fighting chance to survive.