Eco friendly mobile phone disposal tactics

18/03/2014  Jarrod 340 views

  Due to high technological advancement, there are quite a lot of electronic gadgets and equipment that are fast turning into e waste these days. What with the flood of smart phones, iPad and tablets into our lives, there is a sudden load of old mobile phones in every city, town, and village across the […]


Most Metal Cans can be Easily Recycled

14/03/2014  Jarrod 819 views

These days, there are quite a lot of awareness programs and seminars held to spread the message of proper waste disposal, and how to make waste products useful and reusable. Gone are the days when all wastes were merely used as landfill. Always keep in mind that in order to lead a healthy life, we […]


Disposal of Medicines in an Environment Friendly Manner

10/03/2014  Jarrod 599 views

Medicines play an important role in treating diseases and certain conditions, but they must be consumed with proper care. Precautions should be taken while ordering and using them. Unused portions of these medicines must be disposed off properly to avoid harm. Traces of these unused and expired medicines are being detected in the environment, primarily […]


Recycling of Wine Bottles

07/03/2014  Jarrod 1,030 views

Glass recycling is a very simple and easy process. And more than 80% of the new glass bottles in the store are made up of recycled glass materials. But unfortunately, not all glass bottles are given away to the recycling centers. Some benefits of recycling glass are: Good for the environment A glass bottle which […]


Do Your Bit to Help the Environment with Residential Waste Recycling

04/03/2014  Jarrod 238 views

One of the biggest problems threatening societies in today’s world is the inability to implement a comprehensive waste management system. While improper use of things is steadily leading to a perpetual increase in the amount of wasted items; very little is being done to actually educate people about the sheer need of waste reduction and […]


Taking Some Easy Steps towards Reducing Paper Usage in the Office

26/02/2014  Jarrod 782 views

Even while soaring on cloud nine with series of successes, a company’s morale takes a nosedive when it can’t stick to its basic vow of managing waste in the office. In this increasingly digitalized world, improper paper management still poses as an alarmingly big problem. Recent studies have revealed that every year corporate offices dispose […]


Recycling of Laminated Plastic Packaging

17/02/2014  Jarrod 1,711 views

To make packaging more reliable, there have been many developments in the packaging sector and one product of these developments has been the aluminum/plastic laminate. This is commonly used as packaging for consumer goods such as food, drinks, toothpastes and cosmetic products. This form of packaging has made it convenient for consumers to keep their […]


Recycle soap to save a million lives

13/02/2014  Jarrod 275 views

Do you ever wonder what happens to that tiny bar of soap you use once or twice when you stay in a hotel? Every day more than one million soap bars are thrown away by hotels and households around the world and ends up in a landfill. When you get to the numbers then you […]


Waste Services Agreement At A Glance

10/02/2014  Jarrod 314 views

Like all other agreements, agreements dedicated to waste services also tread similar parameters. This is basically a contract that is drawn between the providers of the waste disposal and recycling services and the users of this facility. The users of the facility may be individual households; collective residents of a certain area, commercial buildings and […]


The Harmful Effects of E-Waste on the Earth

07/02/2014  Jarrod 1,324 views

The harmful effects of e-waste or electronic waste cannot be understated. Every year, an increasing amount of electronic items are being discarded in landfills, which plays a significant role in the growing pollution. The current scenario has become a trend in different parts of the world, and the figures are quite alarming! Around 40 million […]


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