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New Logo Desgin

26/05/2015  SmtWaste 365 views

Votes are now open on our new logo design. We would love to hear your feedback and help us select our new design. SMT logo


Commercial waste bins and their significance!

13/01/2015  Jarrod 1,140 views

More that residential wastes, industrial and commercial junk is highly toxic and not absorbed easily after disposal. Along with that, one thing that ought to be confirmed is a proper plan to manage the garbage, so that it’s not dumped anywhere and everywhere, while the regular pickups is absolutely necessary. For all these practicable reasons […]


Waste optimisation in Sydney gets economical with the right management plan!

12/01/2015  Jarrod 832 views

It’s definitely not a very happy scene when you have junk littered around all over and the hauler does not arrive in time. Sometimes it gets frustrating when you need to remove the wastes on your own. That’s time when you need to fire the regular waste manager and opt for the cost effective regular […]


How To Maintain Your Plastic Waste Bins

10/01/2015  Jarrod 934 views

Waste bins perform the noble task of holding your garbage so that it does not spill into your immediate environment causing mind numbing pollution. However, those that behold the waste also need to be cleaned and maintained so that they survive the test of time and perform better through the years. If you don’t maintain […]


How To Choose Your Residential Garbage Bin Providers

09/01/2015  Jarrod 1,962 views

To use a garbage-bin responsibly for the sake of disposing your domestic waste could count as a huge favor done in favor of the planet. Simply put, on using these bins, you will keep yourself from dumping the waste in locations where it is least entertained, thereby preventing polluting your immediate environment. At the same […]


3 Tips to Use for Choosing the Best Wheelie Bins

08/01/2015  Jarrod 2,277 views

Waste disposal is one of the most important things to consider, whether you are a big business owner. While some people have the belief that wheelie bins or wheeled waste containers are only meant for the removal of garbage of big businesses or large families, it is actually a misconception. Bins fitted with wheels are […]


Renting Vs Buying Waste Containers – Which One is Better?

07/01/2015  Jarrod 1,276 views

When you are onto something which involves generating a pile of wastes, such as in construction projects, you will generally need to think of how you should get rid of the trash that is generated even before you begin. Otherwise, you will find that you have to handle a lot of unpleasant stuff in the […]


Top 5 Deodorizers to Use for Industrial Storage Bins

06/01/2015  Jarrod 779 views

Although trash cans serve well in helping you dispose of wastes, removing odors from them can be very difficult. Once you use them on a regular basis, you will be left with lingering, persistent and consistent odors which can be very tough to get rid of. This is not a very easy job, particularly when […]


Factors that Determine the Cost of Industrial Waste Bins

05/01/2015  Jarrod 1,315 views

When you order industrial waste bins, you will find that they tend to vary in price in the market. Even when two bind look and feel similar in every possible way, you will find one costing more than the other significantly. There are some major causes for these variations in cost and these factors are […]


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