5 Attributes To Expect From Residential Waste Collection

Have you ever wondered what actually lurks in your old and seemingly harmless garbage bin?
You may see your pup or those street mutts taking their usual trips through the treasure; but how many do you think actually emerge uncomplaining? More often than not, people take trash for granted and do not give a minute’s thought as to what will happen to the same once it leaves the premises of one’s home under the responsibility of the collectors. However, with increasing awareness about waste management, reuse and most importantly recycling, people have actually begun to get curious about the attributes that providers of the collection services are supposed rather, expected to offer.

In very simple words, merely removing kitchen trash from under one’s nose is not enough. There is much more that the informed lot expects from trash collectors and the following points can some up a few among the most important clauses.

Collection of Bulk and Yard Waste – Piling up of bulk waste is common among households and this is something that restricted providers cannot score with. Say for example, there has been a construction and renovation on the site and the concerned family wishes to get rid of the construction debris along with the dilapidated furnishing, expired appliances, tattered mattresses etc. all at a go. A quality residential waste collection service must have provisions to help with the intent of the concerned household. The same goes with yard waste as well.

residential waste collection

Collection of Toxic / Hazardous and Universal waste – Toxic / hazardous waste in the form of used or expired bottles of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, prescription medication etc that are collected separately should be confidently and responsibly taken care of by the concerned services. It should not happen that the disposed bottle is seen lying around in the park side and discovered by unsuspecting children. Universal waste like fluorescent bulbs, batteries etc should also receive careful handling.

Effective Removal of E Waste – This is can be counted among the intangible waste that is becoming common with individuals / corporate offices / establishments every passing year. This refers to the data and information that is collected in one’s computer over time; something that not just consumes massive space in the device but leaves critical information loose and open for anyone to tap into. At present, a number of providers have come up with the facility of offering E waste handling to all who request the same; a move that has been appreciated by all members of civilized society.

Aiding in Reuse and Recycling – Residential waste collection services is expected aid the cause of reuse and recycling. From the process of collection to separating the refuse on the basis of their types; from using the right mechanism to help in recycling to create awareness about the using the same; the real responsibility of the providers reflects in their approach and accountability towards a better and healthier environment.

Offering Customizable Services – This is perhaps one of the most important attributes that adds many feathers to the cap of responsible providers. What to avail and how much to pay should be as much the decision of the concerned households as the service providers. While it is true that residences may not usually have much hold on the service that will be available to them; the latter can always ensure delivering over and above the expected to cater better to the area they cover.


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