Organic Food Waste Trial Sheds Light on Wider Plans for Next Year

The organics collection trial, where 92% of the respondents were positive for the trial, makes us think of future services. An independent survey of the households revealed that most participants in the trial believe that the Auckland Council’s new plan for organics collection service is actually a good idea. Halfway through the trial, which took place in Auckland’s North Shore, positive feedback came pouring in on how the council can come up with user-friendly food waste collection services. Upon completing the survey, it was found that 92% of the participants were in favour of the trial.



All the participants kept organic waste matters such as food scraps, indoor cut flowers and tea bags separate from the rest of the household waste. The organic waste products will then be collected on a weekly basis so they can be turned into compost. The comments and feedbacks provided by the trial participants are also helping the council to better understand how regular people are going to adapt to the service, and how it is going to affect waste minimisation. The success rate of the trial will determine the future of this initiative, and whether it can be implanted in the urban areas of Auckland.


Warwick Jaine, the manager of Auckland Council Solid Waste Operations, says that the council is quite happy with the results so far. But the council also aware that some people have concerns about certain things such as size, fit, durability of the kitchen caddy liners. There are also concerns regarding the odour issues that will arise due to the weekly collection of rubbish. Mr. Jaine has stated that they are paying close attention to all the feedbacks, and they are also working towards a solution that will make the transition much smoother.



The organics collection trail is running since May, and it has around 2000 household participants from different parts of Takapuna, Milford and Northcote. Over the span of a couple of months, the trial has diverted around 31 tonnes of organic waste products from landfills so that they can be turned into compost. The trial evaluation process includes carrying out a survey of the households that were randomly selected from the trial area. This survey will be carried out by the independent research company named Gravitas Research and Strategy.



The survey was carried out from 4th June to 27th June in the trial area, and around 337 households were surveyed. The results revealed that 92% of the participants thought the trial was indeed a good initiative and that it is going to bring a change to organic waste management.

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