Eco friendly mobile phone disposal tactics


Due to high technological advancement, there are quite a lot of electronic gadgets and equipment that are fast turning into e waste these days. What with the flood of smart phones, iPad and tablets into our lives, there is a sudden load of old mobile phones in every city, town, and village across the globe. However, the question that rings out most often is, how does one dispose a mobile phone in an ecofriendly way?




Well, the various answers to this question may wary from individual to individual, but the most constructive one is, to give it off as donation to agencies that are genuinely into proper recycling of such products. Now, the next question that most people would ask is, what do such agencies do? The answer is pretty simple. These agencies have special licensed links with all government or non-government agencies that cater to needs of the people who simply are not into utilizing high end smart phones and do not mind utilizing the old mobile phones, and also with those that look after special tasks and enforcement agencies.


What do such agencies do after taking old mobile phones from donors?  Well, once there are quite a substantial number of old mobile phones collected via single donors or other multi donor foundations, all the old mobile phones are distributed to these agencies. A proper distribution process is carried out, whereby the mobile phones are given to NGOs, old age homes and other public service departments. Most mobiles are utilized by the people who receive them in as is, where is condition, provided it is in a running condition. However, there are facilities provided certain by the distributing agencies to get the mobiles repaired too, if the need arises. Perhaps, the best way to opt for mobile recycling is to donate it to such agencies.


You must note that this tactic of proper waste disposal rings out loud and clear all over the globe. Now more and more agencies, both governmental and private are largely talking up this issue seriously. There are many people the world over, also in the US, who are keen to adapt the ecofriendly disposal of e waste. Thus, the innovative concept of distributing old mobile phones to people who genuinely need it, is a far more effective and positive way of utilizing e waste, rather than simply throwing it off as a useless gadget and wasting its true utility purpose.


So, the next time you or anyone in your family thinks of upgrading to the latest smart phone, first think of donating your old set to an organization that will help to donate it to the right person, who will actually benefit by it, rather than simply keeping it locked in your cupboard or just disposing it off  with your everyday trash!

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