Electronic waste: A hazard to nature

With the advancement in technology, various new electronic equipments are overtaking the market every day. Flaunting the latest gadget has become a vogue. Our old phones and computer loses its value with time, hence discarded without giving a second thought. Have we ever thought where it ultimately lands up? Nah! We are too busy texting and chatting.

Sparing a thought for the electronic waste is not really our problem, isn’t it? It’s not like our regular domestic waste that will create smelly surrounding if not discarded properly. Of course they don’t but research has proved that they are more harmful and toxic than the daily waste.


Consumer electronics contain toxic metals and chemicals like lead, mercury which causes serious diseases like cancer, endocrine disorders and genetic damage etc. Recycling simply by dumping and burning can make people sick. It emits a harmful gas which if inhaled in large quantities can cause dizziness and nausea. The tech waste can contaminate the environment slowly if not disposed properly. The toxic element melts and slowly seeps into soil or evaporates into the air.

Many testing and research studies have revealed carcinogenic pollutants in the environment due to the massive quantities of tech waste disposed every year without being treated. Scientist have also discovered DNA damage .The damage done carries on for generations, such is the effect. The only solution to this is proper standardized recycling.

The electronic companies now in conjunction with various government institution are hard at work to ensure that all tech waste are disposed off in a responsible manner. Many regulatory methods have been launched that ensure that workers engaged in dismantling and separating the parts are protected from direct exposure of these toxics. Special uniforms and enclosed methods are used to reduce the risk factor. Any components which are salvageable are resold to prevent unnecessary waste. Others are processed carefully in an environmentally responsible manner. The motive is to reduce potential health hazard, so the recycled methods are all designed keeping this factor in mind.

So next time while discarding your old gadget act responsible enough to dump it in a proper place!

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