Saving Money On Your Waste Removal

We are always surprised at the amount of small, medium and large businesses that are paying too much for their waste removal.
With waste removal in Australia increasing, knowing how to switch waste removal suppliers and save money on waste bills is important for all Businesses.
Waste removal is becoming a growing expenses for all companies that should be managed correctly. It is apparent that most people do not know how much they should be paying for waste removal and as a waste agreement role on so do your  rates increase.
It is important to make sure you stay on top of your waste removal company, here are our tips to keep on top of your waste costs.

  1. Take your time to check your invoices every month.
  2. Question any increases or extra billings.
  3. Understand your waste agreement and question the terms.
  4. Ask what are the hidden cost, such as waste levy, fuel levy, etc.
  5. Start negotiating a better waste rate 3 months before your waste agreement ends.
  6. Look for a full service provider, one invoice for all your waste.

With the increase in business waste and innovative recycling soultions staying on top of your waste removal options are critical.  Keeping cost low by selecting the correct waste options and recycling methods could save you between 10-30% over a year.



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