Avalon’s Biggest Garage Sale

Head On Down To Avalon’s Biggest Garage Sale

The energy in the air is building for Avalon’s Biggest Garage Sale, all the parents and kids are busily getting everything ready – only 2 more sleeps. We are so excited. Open at 7am don’t worry about brekky it will be waiting for you with a coffee to wash it down.

Don’t forget Christmas is around the corner and you may just find yourself the bargain of all bargains……

Gold coin donations will be accepted for anyone wanting to bring in bags of paper to be shredded, but if you have now realised you only have to keep your paperwork for 5 years and you have a lot more than you thought, we are asking for a purple or blue note for a 240 litre bin…….that’s a whole lot of paper folks, but a whole lot security too and it will be recycled and shredded as you watch on…….uhhhh 1 less thing to think about. Thank you Shredlock Australia.

Woolworths are going to get involved with the card swap. All of our kids just loved this whole promotion, but they where upset not to complete their set. So if your child missed out on some cards through this recent period bring them along with any cards they would like to swap and keep the momentum going.

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